Bench Sub-micron Universal micrometer 0-25mm


МІКРОТЕХ (Україна)


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Bench Sub-micron Universal micrometer wireless MICROTECH with Wireless & USB data transfer adopted to Industry 4.0

Bench Sub-micron Universal micrometer equipped with 7 pairs of interchangeable anvils: flat, spherical, disk, blade, point, spline, knife edge.
MICROTECH sub-micron micrometer has friction thimble with non-rotating spindle.
Computerized MICS measuring system of micrometer has such functions:
-internal memory with statistic mode
-Color Go/NoGo indication (limits)
-Peak function (Min/Max)
-Timer (reading to memory or data transfer)
-Formula - calculation indicator Ax2+Bx+C
-Resolution selection (0,1 / 1/ 10 microns)
-mm/inch selection
-Temperature compensation
-Mathematical error compensation
-Wireless data transfer to Windows, iOS, Android devices
-USB HID data transfer to Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android devices (keyboard mode)
-Built in rechargeable  Li-Pol battery with magnetic charger
-Color hi-res display 2.4 inch with Touchscreen.

MICROTECH micrometers pass metrological control in accredited ISO 17025:2019 metrological lab. 
All micrometers complete with calibration protocol, manual, magnetic charging cable and plastic box.