Customized instruments - MICROTECH - Innovative measuring instruments

MICROTECH developing and manufacturing custom instruments and stands according customers requests:

  • Wide range micrometers up to 10 m (400 inch)
  • extra long jaw calipers with jaws up to 1000 mm (40 inch)
  • Wide range bore gauges up to 1500 mm  (60 inch) range
  • Big depth bore gauge up to 10m depth (400 inch)
  • Retractable bore gauge
  • Special thickness gauges with custom anvils
  • Multi-force caliper with Force control in range 1-20 N
  • Wide range radius gauges up to 32m
  • Computerized instruments with Long range Wireless data transfer
  • Ruler calibration stands with internal memory and data transfer
  • Dial indicators and bore gauges calibration stands