Manufacturing company MICROTECH was founded in Kharkiv on 1995. MICROTECH starting manufacturing measuring instruments and precision machinery accessories with technical processes according ISO 9001:2015 (BVQI) since 2004.  

Each MICROTECH measuring instrument pass 100% metrological control during manufacturing process in accreditated by ISO 17025 metrological laboratory. The computerized process control system in all manufacturing and metrological departments gives possibility reduce the defect rate.  

Since 2014 MICROTECH developed and patented over 35 types of high-precision or non-standart types of measuring instruments. Most popular are:

-       Force calipers with accuracy from 5 microns

-       Tablet calipers and indicators with Built in PC for mathematical error compensation and multifunctional using

-       Caliper calculators with temperature compensation

-       Transformer micrometers with measuring range up to 10000 mm

-       Transformer bore gaufe with measuring range up to 1000mm and depth up to 10000mm

-       Wireless low energy calipers, micrometer, indicators with wireless data output to Android devices or Windows PC (with new SPC software).

The working measuring instruments MICROTECH are using over 13 years with over 3000 Ukrainian companies, including aviation, military, cosmic, railroad, machinery industry, that need high stability  and long using terms of tools.  

MICROTECH has own research, design andIT department that gives possibility in quick terms develop non-standart solutions to customers. Also we cooperate with Ukrainian scientist and metrological universities in developing projects and with some IT teams in software developing.

Micrometers, callipers, indicators, dial bore gauges, internal micrometers, protractors with TM  MICROTECH are in State registers of measuring tools in Ukraine and Russia. Also they 5 times graduated on Ukrainian quality competition “100 best goods of Ukraine”.  

MICROTECH produced over 200000 pcs. of calibrated measuring instruments during 13 years. They are most popular in Ukrainian and ex-USSR markets. MICROTECH has over 30 distributors Worldwide and exports instruments to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Russia. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, USA, Mexica.

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