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• Patent UA99688
• High accuracy up to ±1.5μm (in 3 times better then DIN 863-1)
• Resolution 0,1 μm
• Multifunctional electronic module with Touchscreen
• Mathematical error compensation
• Wireless data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices with distance up to 12 m
• Built in rechargeble Li-Pol battery
• Advanced functions (TOL, MAX/MIN, RANGE, DATA, ZERO, etc.)
• Large Colour TFT display
• IP-65 Waterproof
• SPC software for Windows, Android, iOS devices for FREE
• 100% metrological control in accreditated laboratory by ISO17025 (Ilac MRA)

Sub-micron Intelligent micrometer MICROTECH has  Go/NoGo, Min/Max functions, Formula mode, mathematical and temperature error compensation.

 Sub-micron Intelligent micrometer equipped with Built-in Wireless data output module (Bluetooth 4.0 LE electronic chip).

 MICROTECH propose Lite or Full versions of MDS software for transfer measuring results to iOS Android devices or Windows PC .

 Connection procedure of Wireless micrometer to MDS Software

-       For SWITCH ON wireless module throw micrometer menu

-            After connection micrometer to MDS MICROTECH software, you’ll see repetition of micrometers screen indication on MDS MICROTECH software.

-            Push data on touchscreen to send actual data to MDS software

-            If necessary you can send data from micrometer memory

 It can be connected up to 16 MICROTECH instruments with Built-in Wireless module to device with MICROTECH SPC software at the same time

            MICROTECH Intelligent micrometer can transfer data throw USB output with standard USB cable to Windows version MICROTECH MDS Software or directly to any Windows software (on keyboard mode)