Tube Wireless caliper IP67


MICROTECH manufacturing tube wireless calipers with Swiss IP67 proof electronics

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MICROTECH manufacturing precision tube wireless calipers with IP67 proof

Digital tube calipers are using for measuring the wall thickness of tubes and other round-shapes details thickness. Diameter of round bar 4mm.

These tube wireless calipers has 150 200 300 mm (6 8 12 inch) ranges and has Swiss electronic measuring system with IP67 water proof. High quality swiss electronic has big screen with 12mm digit height, mm/inch conversion, preset functions and has 3V CR2032 battery.
All MICROTECH calipers has hand finished measuring surfaces (Ra<0,32) and pass metrological control in ISO 17025 ilac accredited laboratory with no extra cost calibration certificate
Wireless caliper has long range data transfer module. 

MICROTECH WIRELESS caliper has 3 data transfer modes:

 • WIRELESS data transfer to MDS app (available app's versions for Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS)  Link to MDS app's

 • WIRELESS HID mode direct to any device and app (like a keyboard)

 • WIRELESS HID+MAC mode direct to any device and app (like a keyboard) with MAC address