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Sub-micron computerized indicator with external probe


Sub-micron computerized indicator with extended probe for special measuring solutions with length 2-10 m

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Main advantage of this precision indicator is using computerized measuring system from MICROTECH.
It gives possibility have 0.1 micron resolution and higher accuracy, then competitors indicators.
This sub-micron indicators has up to 100mm (0-4 inch) ranges and can be used in precision bore gauges, pistol grip bore gauges, thickness gauges, custom measuring equipment. 
Also computerized measuring module of indicator equipped with internal memory, Go/NoGo functions with color indication, Max/min, Formula function, manual temperature and error compensation.
Color display and Touchscreen provides high usability of sub-micron indicator.
It’s not necessary spend extra money for batteries, about Built in rechargeable Li-pol battery.
Built in Wireless data transfer module gives possibility transfer measuring data and data from memory to MICROTECH MDS software. There are modifications of Software for Windows, Android, iOS devices.
Also it’s possible to use USB socket on MICROTECH computerized instrument to transfer data directly to Windows application with cable from set.
-internal memory with statistic mode
-Color Go/NoGo indication (limits)
-Peak function (Min/Max)
-Timer (reading to memory or data transfer)
-Formula - calculation indicator Ax2+Bx+C
-Resolution selection (0,1 / 1/ 10 microns)
-mm/inch selection
-Temperature compensation
-Mathematical error compensation
-Wireless data transfer to Windows, iOS, Android devices
-USB HID data transfer to Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android devices (keyboard mode)
-Built in rechargeable  Li-Pol battery with magnetic charger
-Color hi-res display 2,4 inch with Touchscreen.

Computerized indicator has long range data transfer module. MICROTECH has free versions of application for Windows PC, Android and iOS phones and tablets. You can download MICROTECH MDS app from Link to MDS app's

MICROTECH Computerized indicators has USB HID data transfer function to send actual data and data from memory directly to any application in Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android systems in keyboard mode with usual USB cable with no special software.