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Long internal jaw computerized caliper wireless

МІКРОТЕХ (Україна)

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Micron wireless computerized intelligent long internal jaw caliper was developed and patented (Pat.US 10184772) by MICROTECH. 

Main advantage of this precision caliper is using computerized measuring system from MICROTECH.
It gives possibility have 1 micron resolution and higher accuracy, then competitors calipers.
MICROTECH also equipped this caliper with Force control module, that gives possibility measure all time with a same Force (8N). This patented technology improve accuracy of caliper up to 5 micron, that’s much more better then standard calipers.
This micron internal jaws calipers has 150, 200, 300 mm (6, 8, 12 inch) ranges.
Also computerized measuring module of caliper equipped with internal memory, Go/NoGo functions with color indication, Max/min, Formula function, manual temperature and error compensation.
Color display and Touchscreen provides high usability of micron caliper.
It’s not necessary spend extra money for batteries, about Built in rechargeable Li-pol battery.
Built in Wireless data transfer module gives possibility transfer measuring data and data from memory to MICROTECH MDS software. There are modifications of Software for Windows, Android, iOS devices.
Also it’s possible to use USB socket on MICROTECH computerized instrument to transfer data directly to Windows application with cable from set.


• Patent US 10184772, UA104879, UA99687, UA128692, US126928 by MICROTECH

• Long internal jaws for deep measuring

• Modification with High level Swiss electronic with big screen. Protection class IP-65

• Modification with Built in Wireless data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices with distance up to 50 m

• Modification with self lubrication patented technology (Pat. UA121314 by MICROTECH)

• 100% metrological control in accreditated laboratory by ISO17025 (Ilac MRA)