Set of stichmas, Manufacturer Lufkin, USA, circa 1910

The American company Lufkin was founded in 1867 and was a well-known developer and manufacturer of meters in the early 20th century. 

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The American company "Lufkin" testified about itself in 1867. The company produced calipers, micrometers, tape measures and other precision words, which are widely distributed on the website of the virtual world.
In 1967, 100 years later, the Lufkin organization was witnessed.
The “Museums of Field Education” Microecological project, which consists of two parts, has everything that is needed to do this.
Observation of the state of magic:
The established sizes (with fiery surfaces) are satisfied from 20 to 300 mm at 11 pcs;
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Case from a valuable village;
“Native” metric Hollywood “Lufkin” for many women with honors, in which there were closed micrometric Hollywood virobnitzva “Brown & Sharpe” (from the “White Sea” margin).
We are talking about bilateral meetings, in which there is everything that is necessary to put in order, and how they live in different countries, and in whatever matters.
Hire a complete Marcouvan to show that it is participating in the competition in which it participates (Lufkin and B & S), as well as for the P & W, which is located in Switzerland.
Monitoring the state of affairs in Europe, including the fact that they were crowded and are currently engaged in public opinion issues.