MICROTECH data application for android devices



• MICROTECH_DATA App for Android devices for connection with MICROTECH Wireless instruments

• Avialbe Lite FREE or Pro version

• Up to 7 instruments connection to 1 Android device

• Limits control, Timer function, Statisitc, Graphical mode

• Measuring, Formula & Radius mode

• Battesy & connection status indication NEW

• User managment NEW

• Voice mode (multilanguage)

• Quality control mode with import and processing drows and detail photo’s NEW

• Control protocols with batch of products (Serial number, Go/NoGo, drows) NEW

• Import/Export measuring results to Cloud or Factory network (optional) NEW

• Save measurement results in *.xls and Graphical in *.png


Android (6.0 or newer)
MICROTECH Data Systems 2.0Download MICROTECH Data Systems for Android