Intelligent Micron height gauge with wheel (Wireless, USB data transfer) View larger

Intelligent micron computerized height gauge with fine adjstment

МІКРОТЕХ (Україна)

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• Patent US10184772,UA 99687, UA 103318, UA 104879, UA 112254, UA 126928, UA128692 by MICROTECH

• Swiss reading system with resolution 1 μm

• Modification with Fine adjustment wheel NEW

• Modification with Force control module for quick and precision measuring NEW

• Built in micro computer with colour Touchscreen display 1,5”

• Mathematical error compensation

• Temperature compensation of details with materials: Aluminium, Iron, Cooper, Glass on range 0-50°C (internal sensor)

• Advanced functions (TOL, MAX/MIN, RANGE, DATA, ZERO, MEMORY up to 100 values)

• Built in Wireless Low Energy data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices with distance up to 10 m

• USB connection to Windows PC in keyboard or normal mode (cable including)

• SPC software for Windows, Android, iOS devices for FREE

• 100% metrological control in accreditated laboratory by ISO17025 (Ilac MRA)