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Micron long jaw caliper

МІКРОТЕХ (Україна)

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• Patent UA 99687, UA 103318, UA 104879, UA 112254, UA 121314, UA 122165 by MICROTECH
• 1 micron resolution
• Built in micro computer with colour Touchscreen display
• Waterproof IP-65
• Patented Force control module (Patent UA100613 by MICROTECH)
• Temperature compensation of details with materials: Aluminium, Iron, Cooper, Glass on range 0-50°C
• Mathematical error compensation
• Go / NoGo functions, MAX, MIN function, Formula mode, Timer mode
• Wireless or USB Data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices
• Built in Wireless data output module for data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices (up to 10m)
• USB connection to Windows PC or Android for Data transfer or software update
• 100% metrological control in accreditated laboratory by ISO17025 (Ilac MRA)