TRANSFORMER BORE GAUGE Збільшити для перегляду

TRANSFORMER INTELLIGENT computerized bore gauge


• Patent UA 114974, UA 103980, UA131637, WO2016124990 by MICROTECH

• Depth of measurings up to 10000mm NEW

• Recomended for Horizontal measurings (Vertical for special requirement)

• Module construction consist 1-4 elements

• Built in micro computer with colour Touchscreen display 1,5”

• Mathematical error compensation

• Advanced functions (TOL, MAX/MIN, RANGE, DATA, ZERO, MEMORY up to 100 values)

• Integrated Wireless Low Energy data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices with distance up to 10 m

• USB connection to Windows PC in keyboard or normal mode (cable including)

• SPC software for Windows, Android, iOS devices for FREE